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Testing Schedule Service

To assist our clients in ensuring that their testing regime is kept

current. We can pre book tests and grading's at regular times throughout the year to coincide with their production schedules. This assists in compliance and marketing of their products.

Material Testing Services

To assist our customer base in remaining compliant with their recycled materials Inertech has introduced a material testing service, ensuring that products meet the standards required to comply with current legislation.

We offer a sampling and collection service for testing products to BS standards.

Gradings to:

Table 600 Highways Standards, these include:

6F2 sub-base

6F5 sub-base

Table 800 Highways Standards, these include:

Type 1 sub-base.

Recycled Soils

BS 3882.

For particular grading requirements please contact the office.

W.A.C tests (Waste Acceptance Criteria)

This is the standard industry test for establishing the level of contaminates in the material. The results will determine the type of facility the waste can be disposed in.

There are three categories of contaminate levels:



Non Hazardous.




We offer a standard 1 or 2 part W.A.C test on a 7 day turn-around or a 3 to 4 day fast track service.

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